Deploy ghost blog with capistrano, rbenv and nvm

I just moved this blog from Jekyll to Ghost (v.0.4.2 while writing this post) and I had to find a fast way to deploy new changes to the server. I’m pretty confident with Capistrano so, although Ghost doesn’t use Ruby, I decided to use it to manage deployments. A cool gem allow node apps to be deployed with Capistrano: capistrano-node-deploy This is the Gemfile: source 'https://rubygems.org' gem 'capistrano', '~> 2.15.5' gem 'capistrano-node-deploy', '~> 1. … »

How I deploy Rails apps

In various mailing lists I read a lot of threads about deploying a Rails app. I want to contribute to the topic with this post, where I’ll describe how I’m now deploying my rails apps in a VPS (actually it’s not a virtual but a physical server, but it’s the same..). In the past I used Pushion Passenger but it was a very young project and when Unicorn showed up, I felt in love :) I wrote a similar post some years ago, the idea is the same, but the structure is now more solid. … »