Basic setup for a Node.js-based TDD Code Kata

In the last post I suggested a minimal setup to begin with ruby-based TDD. In this post I want to show a possibile minimal setup for node.js-based TDD (node.js and npm must be installed). The kata will be again The Game of Life. I’m not an expert of Node.js, so I hope what I’m writing is correct :) I’ll use the test framework Mocha and expect.js, a “Minimalistic BDD-style assertions for Node. … »

Deploy ghost blog with capistrano, rbenv and nvm

I just moved this blog from Jekyll to Ghost (v.0.4.2 while writing this post) and I had to find a fast way to deploy new changes to the server. I’m pretty confident with Capistrano so, although Ghost doesn’t use Ruby, I decided to use it to manage deployments. A cool gem allow node apps to be deployed with Capistrano: capistrano-node-deploy This is the Gemfile: source '' gem 'capistrano', '~> 2.15.5' gem 'capistrano-node-deploy', '~> 1. … »