Complete backup of a SmugMug account

I’m a happy customer of the SmugMug service where I store all my photos (~50GB divided in ~120 galleries).

I really love their interface, the mobile app, the website, etc. but they miss a very important feature IMHO: it’s not possible to make a complete download of all the photos.

That’s why I wrote a program that does it.

SmugMug provides a feature which allows users to download a zip archive of a gallery, but I don’t want to browse and download all of them. Moreover, download is async: you ask for a download and you’ll receive an email in a few minutes with a link to the archive.

SmugMug APIs seemed promising so I decided to write my own app to accomplish this purpose.

And I did it in a few days!

The app is written in golang, except a little util (written by SmugMug) which requires Python3. You can find everything in my GitHub repository.