Generate the sitemap of a Ghost blog during deploy

Waiting for a sitemap generator inside the core of Ghost (planned as “future implementation”) I decided to implement a way to generate an up-to-date sitemap.xml during deployment. As you can read in the previous post I’m deploying this blog with Capistrano and capistrano-node-deploy. So I added a deploy:generate_sitemap task which is executed at the end of the deployment process.

This is the Capfile extract:

namespace :deploy do
  task :generate_sitemap do
    run "cd #{latest_release} && ./ #{latest_release}"
after "node:restart", "deploy:generate_sitemap"

So at the end of the deployment the script is executed. The script is placed in the blog root and is a personalized version of the code you can find here:

It essentially does 3 things:

  • Puts the sitemap.xml link in the robots.txt file
  • Scans (using wget) the website and generates the sitemap.xml file in the content folder
  • Notifies Google Webmaster Tools

What I changed of the original script is:


user and group will be used to chmod the sitemap.xml file, so check that the web user (probably www-data) can read that file.

This process has a big problem: the sitemap is generated only during deploy, not when I publish a new post. A workaround is to run cap deploy:generate_sitemap after a new post is published.

It works but I need an automatic way. Any idea?