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If you, like me, have a lot of ruby apps and want to check if the code is vulnerable, Codesake::Dawn could be a useful gem. This gem supports Rails, Sinatra and Padrino apps. To install it in a Rails app, add the gem to the development group in Gemfile:

As I promised to a reader who wrote me an email some days ago, with this post I'll explain how I built the contact form of this website using Sinatra and Sendgrid. As you know (or you're just learning) this site is made by Jekyll, a static site generator written

Sempre in tema di SMS via Skebby condivido queste poche righe di codice scritte per permettere a QNAP di inviare SMS utilizzando Skebby. Infatti, sebbene QNAP supporti le notifiche SMSC, la sua interfaccia non è particolarmente malleabile e le API di Skebby sono... diciamo "strane" (vabbè, oggi mi sento buono)