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In the last weeks with the guys of the Firenze Ruby Social Club we started to think about organizing some Code Katas to play with test-driven development and yesterday we met to play with The Game of Life. We used Ruby and RSpec with a simple setup that I want

If you, like me, have a lot of ruby apps and want to check if the code is vulnerable, Codesake::Dawn could be a useful gem. This gem supports Rails, Sinatra and Padrino apps. To install it in a Rails app, add the gem to the development group in Gemfile:

In various mailing lists I read a lot of threads about deploying a Rails app. I want to contribute to the topic with this post, where I'll describe how I'm now deploying my rails apps in a VPS (actually it's not a virtual but a physical server, but it's the

Ho avuto il piacere di vedere questo interessante video del talk di Pat Shaughnessy al Goruko 2013, intitolato Functional Programming and Ruby in cui, appunto, Pat introduce alla programmazione funzionale e mostra come Ruby abbia moltissime di queste caratteristiche. Eccolo qua, ve lo consiglio vivamente!

In my last work, Agrimè.it, an ecommerce built using Ruby on rails, I had to implement the cart payment using Paypal Express Checkout. Sadly, I found that was the worst time to do it, because Paypal was migrating the classic API to the new REST API and the documentation